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Being Safe Starts With A Good Decision...

Staying safe at work and play is important. This is why employers will invest in safety equipment, do facility upgrades and have mandated employee training so that they know that their employees, as well as the consumer, will be safe. Safety Piggee is committed to helping employers find the specific solutions to make their facility a safety conscious place. However, Safety Piggee’s desire for Safety extends beyond the work place. We want to touch as many lives as possible by offering a free class for a school or non-profit organization of a client’s choosing.

Safety, Health, and Environmental Compliance

When it comes to the safety, health and environmental compliance aspects of owning and operating a business, it can seem as if there is always a new procedure or process to implement. Consequently, it can be overwhelming if one gets behind in maintaining industry standards. Safety Piggee can come to your place of business and conduct a Gap Analysis to determine what you need to do in order to meet EPA and OSHA compliance and incorporate best practices.


Industrial Hygiene Solutions

Every day people are exposed to harsh chemicals, poor air quality and other dangerous aspects of industry. These elements make a significant difference in how one’s employees feel, thus affecting the quality and quantity of the work. When Safety Piggee’s industrial hygiene solutions are sought and applied, companies can know that their employees are safe from injury and sickness due to poor air quality, chemicals, noise levels or other dangerous elements. Safety Piggee believes that by making the changes needed to keep your employees safe, you are also making a change for future generations.


Serving businesses and organization all across Texas, Safety Piggee offers a long list of safety training programs. Safety Piggee is confident that no matter your industry, you will be able to benefit from training programs such as Behavioral Based Safety Training and OSHA General Industry Training.

Custom Videos

Safety Piggee recognizes that having off site training may not be for every company. In addition, we know how important it is that future employees are taught how you do things at your location. The Safety Piggee team can come to your facility and create safety videos that are company and site specific so you will have training tools available for the future.

Safety Piggee wants to help you protect yourself, your employees and the generation of tomorrow. When you contact us, you will begin the process of making a difference. Contact Safety Piggee today to get started.


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